Most FAQ

  • Why can I no longer find the dress that I found before?

If an item has no more available stock and the manufacturer is no longer making it, it is removed from our webpage as available and will no longer show up in searches.

  • Can I get a dress with extra length?

We have our designers to make a dress with extra length for you. Please email or call us with style number, and we will find further information for you.

  • How do I upgrade my shipping?

Orders take 24-72 business hours to respond back with a shipping date

  • Can I see the dress in other colors?

Unfortunately we are only allowed to send or post pictures provided to us by the manufacturers of the dresses we sell. Not all colors of the dresses are pictured by the manufacturers and therefore all the pictures you see are the only ones we have available. Only thing you can try to do is find another dress by that same company called the same color and it will be the same depending on the fabric.

  • What if my dress is not available?

If your dress is not in stock and for some reason we cannot order it , we will notify you and give you other options to choose from, or you can cancel your order. You can provide other of your favorite dress style pictures, and after confirmation, we will reply you as soon as possible.

  • Can I see a swatch of the color I’m interested in before I order?

Sorry, due to expensive shipping costs, we do not have swatches available to send out to customers.

  • If My body measurements don't fit a specific size?

You can choose custom measurements and enter your body measurements into the order details without choosing a pre-defined size. Extra fees might apply.